Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Week Into It!

Well, we've survived our first (and the most restrictive) week on the GAPS diet! I admit that it hasn't been easy...and we have cheated already! I've been met with unending complaints from the kids that they refuse to eat one more bowl of soup! Sort of a tough request to meet when that's all we're supposed to be eating at this point...LOL! So our compromise has been for one meal a day to do meat and cooked veggies. Pretty much the same thing minus the broth, so not much harm done. And my daughter loves snacking on raw carrots...I'm waiting for her to turn orange any day! The broth is extremely crucial to the success of healing the allergies, so we make sure to get plenty of it in the other two meals a day.

Since we phased in our probiotics earlier (which we get from my own business -- OIL & Essence at, we were able to start the intro diet on a full theraputic dose of probiotics and we're also taking stomach acid. Thankfully, the kids love kefir and they are willing to eat the sauerkraut even though it's not their favorite. We did a skin allergy test last night and after several months of an egg-free diet, there was no reaction to the eggs for anyone...yay! So this morning we made a soup out of chicken broth, onions & garlic, and an egg yolk for each of us with no negative reactions so far. We'll continue this for a couple days and see how it goes...very exciting to enjoy some eggs again! We also implemented carrot juice first thing in the morning (since constipation has been a problem with so little fiber in our diets) and these two additions really helped the kids to be excited to eat this morning! Yay!

Homemade sauerkraut is no problem, so this week I might try making some other variety of fermented veggies...maybe carrots and ginger.

It was great to get to eat some extra yummy stuff this morning! We also had an enjoyable 6K Hope for the Orphans Walk so are feeling refreshed and encouraged!