Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Roads We Travel

Today, as I was driving along the interstate, it got me to thinking about life.

We are all on a road to somewhere. When we are passive, we tend not to get anywhere very quickly. Sometimes we're too agressive and we end up driving off the road.
For those of us on the road of salvation and righteousness, there are so many who believe that it's all a matter of the heart; it doesn't matter what we do. We truly can be on the right road, but until we take action and press the gas pedal, we are simply at a stand still. Our faith in Messiah places us on the right road, but only acting on that faith will cause us to move forward. When we don't "do," not only are we getting nowhere, but we are blocking the road for others as well.

Christ is the bridge, called Salvation, that takes us off the road to destruction and brings us to the road of Righteousness. Then we need to follow the road of Righteousness, which takes us to the streets of Intimacy with God. God hasn't given us a difficult road of Righteousness to follow. On the contrary, he has made it a well marked highway, also called the Torah or the law. The guidelines here promise we will arrive safely and they will take us on the most direct path to more fully knowing Him.

When we interject our own directions onto our map, we will hit a bump in the road or will make a wrong turn that takes us away from Righteousness, until He brings us back to the right path. We must "do" with a spirit of love and obedience and not just for the sake of doing. The main thing is to keep searching for His road, not ours; not being too passive and blocking traffic, but at the same time being sure we're obeying the Laws; this is where the safety, security and blessings lie.

Where are you today? Are you contemplating the bridge of Salvation? Are you on the road of Righteousness? Are you looking for God's way at all? Turn your eyes to Him and he will make all your paths straight.

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