Sunday, May 10, 2009

Redefining Hate Crimes

The above is a link to an article about the re-definition of hate crimes and how it could potentially affect our daily lives in a very real way regarding our freedom of speech. I found the prospect of this quite disconcerting. The audio link on the page is very informational.

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  1. Thanks for hightlighting this.
    We have seen over the eyars increasing animosity towares bible Truth.Men want to d as they wish againts God's laws.IT is verry evident when we speak out againts " homosexuality and other mentioned sins in The Bible Romans 1:21-32 we will be looked upon as malicious.
    True Christians despise the sin but love sinners for we are all at one level under the cross.However to watch a world degrade into soddom while we stand idly by is neither Christlike .For we are to love our brothers and sisters enough to warn them of the errors of thier ways and the judgments that will befall them if they continue in sin.
    The Bible tells us the a tuth will be called a lie and a lie a truth in the end times.
    We are to expect freedom of speach(public correction of errors)to be taken away slowly but surely. For such is the nature of the world just before Christ return.