Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hope for our Food Future!

In our family we have allergies to gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, almonds, peanuts, and the list goes on. I make all of our food from scratch and we work very hard to avoid the foods that are giving us a strange array of annoying health problems, but yet meet our nutritional needs at the same time. Eating this way can be frustrating because it's labor takes SO much planning, searching for special ingredients that are sometimes hard to find, not to mention that it's quite expensive and getting worse by the day. Good thing I've always loved to cook and bake! This much work does get exhausting though.

I've got nieces and nephews with even more severe issues than my children have. I suppose it's an inherited turns out our parents and some aunts and uncles recently discovered they have these same problems and they have developed into autoimmune diseases and cancers, so I do feel blessed to be aware of them and be able to deal with them before they become much more serious. Thank goodness we were raised valuing good wholesome, healthy food from the start or our troubles would probably be compounded greatly already!

Well, thanks to the GNOWFGLINS blog, I just discovered a book, or rather a dietary plan, that might be able to help us with our food sensitivity issues! This gives me hope. It's been a frustrating journey that we work hard to stay positive about, but it is consistently getting more difficult as every allergy test gives us additional allergies we must deal with instead of reducing the number of them. The blogger turned us onto the GAPS diet which, from some research, sounds like just the ticket to assist healing these pesky food sensitivites! Even if we can just reduce the sensitivites, it would be well worth the trouble. I ordered the book today and can't wait to dig in and read about what information this author has to share with us! The GNOWFGLINS blogger also seems to hold philosophies that I hold as well in regards to getting back to good, wholesome food. Even if this "diet" plan doesn't cure us, any improvements would be a welcome relief!

Feeling blessed and hopeful today.

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