Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well we've survived our GAPS diet least the introduction, anyway. We've pretty much moved into the normal GAPS diet, which is great because it adds a ton of variety to what we can eat. Variety is good, but also a lot of work! So I'm simplifying, at least for now.

For breakfast, it's the green smoothie of choice. For lunch, some kind of soup (to keep that nourishing broth in our tummies!) Snack, usually veggies or fruit and nuts or nut spread. For dinner, meat and veggies or a salad of some sort. And we make sure to get some good probiotics with every meal (and even enjoy it)!

Pretty easy! For dinner we try to make a wide variety of things. Some days it's chicken sausages with apple and gouda cheese, venison steak, or a roasted chicken. One of the kids new favorite things is cauliflower mashed potatoes smothered in cheddar cheese. And the old standby, taco salad...yum!

Lane seems to be able to eat some dairy without any tummy trouble, which is huge! Tempers are very temperate these days...a huge blessing! Heidi's been able to continue gaining weight...yay for growth! We're able to have eggs once a week without a problem. Gluten still throws us all off but that's okay because we've been enjoying nut flour pancakes and breads that are delicious! I've still gotta try making some soaked nut flour muffins...yum!

I'll leave you with one of my new favorite's loaded with awesome recipes and ideas! The Prairie Mom. I love her meal plan.

And another one that is also full of yummy stuff! GNOWFGLINS

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