Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Little Home Away From Home

So a few months ago we were blessed enough to attain another project...a little fixer-upper camper just the perfect size for us! We've been tent campers for many years now, but having a tent in Montana often limits where it's safe to camp because we're surrounded by grizzly country. When we had the opportunity to get this little gem, we jumped on it! We invested a little money in new tires and the materials for new cushions, cleaned it up a bit, and got things working. Now, I'm not a sewer AT ALL. So, the cushion upholstering turned out to be quite the adventure! I'm so glad they're done (seemed like it took forever!) and every minute of making them was a trial for me, the most unexperienced seamstress ever. I didn't even take a home-ec class in high school, for goodness sakes! At least they turned out useable enough for us...many mistakes and all!

We cannot wait to head up into the mountains into our new (to us) little home away from home! The kids were begging to just sleep in it really is the simple things that bring the most happiness, isn't it?!

See my handiwork? (I will not show you a close-up in an attempt to camouflage the crooked stitching and goofy looking corners! LOL!)

Our little home away from home...we'll see you on the mountain!


  1. You did a great job Trish, grandma Zinger would have been proud of you! I love your little camper and I'm sure you guys will have a lot of fun with it camping. Your won't even have to worry about any unexpected animals being able to visit you in the night. Great job!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of the outside of this little home!

  3. guess i forgot to take pics of the outside! it's quite humble looking! i'll post some when i have a chance :-D you've probably seen was parked at my parents place for like 4 years and mom was going to junk it if dad didn't do something with it, but then jesse needed something to stay in for a while so he was using it. we got it from them because they didn't want to drag it to WA with them and mom didn't want it back!!